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Russell Greenberg

Russell Greenberg is an avid proponent of new music in its various forms, ranging from electronic media to improvisational structures and rock music. Currently based in Brooklyn, NY, he is the co-founder of the new music percussion and piano quartet, Yarn/Wire, and has worked with a number of groups including the International Contemporary Ensemble, San Francisco Contemporary Music Players, and the experimental theater troupe, Two-Headed Calf, among others.

Russell received degrees from SUNY Stony Brook (MM, DMA) and the University of California at Berkeley (BA), where he studied with Eduardo Leandro and William Winant, respectively.Outside of the university, he has attended national and international festivals including the Aspen Music Festival (US), Darmstadt summer courses (Germany), Acanthes (France/Finland), Klangspuren (Schwaz, Austria), and the Lucerne Festival. He has recently performed at the SPARK festival of Electronic Music and Art (Minneapolis), and was a featured artist at the Festival of New American Music in Sacramento, California.

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Russell Greenberg
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