artist: Alex Ness & Yoni Niv

Feedback from Alexander Ness on Vimeo.

To begin with, a nerve stimulus is transferred into an image: first metaphor. The image, in turn, is imitated in a sound: second metaphor. And each time there is a complete overleaping of one sphere, right into the middle of an entirely new and different one. One can imagine a man who is totally deaf and has never had a sensation of sound and music. Perhaps such a person will gaze with astonishment at Chladni's sound figures; perhaps he will discover their causes in the vibrations of the string and will now swear that he must know what men mean by "sound." It is this way with all of us concerning language; we believe that we know something about the things themselves when we speak of trees, colors, snow, and flowers; and yet we possess nothing but metaphors for things--metaphors which correspond in no way to the original entities. In the same way that the sound appears as a sand figure, so the mysterious X of the thing in itself first appears as a nerve stimulus, then as an image, and finally as a sound.

---Friedrich Nietzsche

Yoni Niv and Alex Ness are both Ph.D. candidates in music composition and theory at New York University.

Yoni's music has been performed by distinguished new music ensembles such as Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin (KNM Berlin), International Music Ensemble (ICE), Due East, Either/Or Ensemble, Argento New Music Project, JACK Quartet, Mivos Quartet, Musica Nova ensemble and others. His works have been presented internationally at venues and festivals such as Tel Aviv Museum, the Chelsea Art Museum, Tenri Cultural Institute, Thalia Theatre, Harvestworks Digital Media, Felicja Blumental Music Center, Merkin Hall, Goethe Institute (NY), Brooklyn Electro-Acoustic Festival, Vdance Festivel (Tel-Aviv Cinematheque), Bushwick Art Biennial, Cologne and NY Mix Film Festival, the International Conference for Computer Music (ICMC), and the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the Untied States (SEAMUS).

Alex's compositions include works for the Princeton Laptop Orchestra, Talea Ensemble, JACK Quartet, Hot Air/Tight Strings (Erica Ball and Kylie Collins), and Due East. His composition "Shruti", written for violist Amy Cimini, can be heard on "The Language Of", a CD released by quietdesign records. As Glissando bin Laden himself, he sings and plays electronics on "Drone Level Orange", released by Carrier Records itself. As a music theorist, Alex designed the curriculum for "Playground Sessions" (piano lesson software featuring David Sides), and is currently writing a dissertation on the role of acoustics in Enlightenment musical thought.

Together, Yoni and Alex have performed their five audiovisual compositions at the Stone and St. Mark's Church. Last spring, they co-taught an experimental composition course at the New School.

Study on the Rhythmicon #3
James Fei

Tom Blancarte

The Bear Whisperer’s Gavotte
Glissando Bin Laden

Martin Clarke

Horpma - II (radio edit)
Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson

Peter Evans / Nate Wooley

Alex Christie and Drew Ceccato

Work III
Christopher Ariza

Natacha Diels

Three Tapes
Ryan Ross Smith

Alex Ness & Yoni Niv

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