artist: Glissando Bin Laden
The Bear Whisperer’s Gavotte

The Bear Whisperer’s Gavotte is Glissando bin Laden’s most recent release. Dedicated to a dear friend (who is indeed a Bear Whisperer), the piece is in four main parts. I - Long high tones vs digital noise: a perfect fourth (4:3) in the violins, heavily distorted against a backdrop of digital synthesis. II - Electronic solo: low, periodically interrupted rumbling - pulsing, mechanistic and unsettling. III - The violins reenter, now on octaves (4:2:1). Upward glissandi are interrupted by falling electronic noise. IV - Overpressure violins and digital synthesis: rough, violent straight-tones held for varying lengths of time, creating a polyphony of monoliths.

Glissando bin Laden and his Musichideen formed in 2006. Four friends who worked together decided to play together: two violins, two laptops. Glissando combines microtonality with noise. We play in just intonation, we invent different scales, we talk in ratios, we explore all the spaces between the notes, we combine this with a shimmering backdrop of disorder. All of our music is created as a group, and although it involves a great deal of improvisation, the pieces are quite purposeful in their form and content. Glissando has performed at Issue Project Room (Brooklyn), The Tank (Manhattan), The Red Room (Baltimore). Our first album, Drone Level Orange, was released in 2009. Jim Altieri, violin Caroline Mallonee, violin Sam Pluta, laptop Alex Ness, laptop

you can download the track by clicking here

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