artist: Tom Blancarte

Joulupukki, Finnish for “Yule Goat”, is the name of Santa Claus in Finland. The various histories and myths behind the “Yule Goat” formed the basis for the recent Finnish Christmas film, Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale. While performing and piecing together Joulupukki, I was thinking about the gigantic demon-form of Santa that lies encased in ice for most of the movie. The piece has a fairly simple structure, composed of three primary layers of sound: quiet col legno sounds, two-handed tapping and high bowed harmonics inspired by years of trying to adapt Evan Parker’s saxophone solo style to the bass. With a few exceptions, the three layers form the entire piece. The static nature of “Joulupukki” is meant to evoke the images and feelings associated with a huge and evil horned demon, patiently waiting for his prison of ice to melt so that he can resume torturing and eating naughty children.

A native of Austin, Texas, Tom Blancarte is a bassist, improvisor and composer living and working in New York City. He has performed throughout the United States and Europe. He was first inspired to play music by listening to bands such as Slayer and Black Sabbath and later discovering musicians like Anthony Braxton and Evan Parker. He is a busy performer in a variety of ensembles in the New York area, his most active groups being the duo Sparks with trumpeter Peter Evans, Brandon Seabrook's Seabrook Power Plant, the trio Totem with guitarist Bruce Eisenbeil and drummer Andrew Drury, the Dan Peck Trio, the Peter Evans Quintet and performances with a variety of groups led by his wife, Danish saxophonist Louise Dam Eckardt Jensen. In addition to his more regular groups, he also performs in a variety of settings with musicians such as Kevin Shea, Nate Wooley, Okkyung Lee, Weasel Walter, Peter Brotzmann, Han Bennink, Joel Ryan and others.

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