artist: Alex Christie and Drew Ceccato

Nystagmus - involuntary movement of the eyeball comprising of a smooth drift followed by a flick back, occurring in several situations including, but not limited to, disorders of the cerebellum.

Physiological nystagmus - small involuntary tremors of the eyeballs. When physiological nystagmus is eliminated by stabilizing the image of the retina, visual perception fades rapidly from fatigue of the retinal receptors.

Rotational nystagmus - nystagmus caused by the body rotating rapidly. Large slow movements of the eyeballs occur in the directions of rotation.

Post-rotational nystagmus - nystagmus caused by suddenly stopping the rapid rotation of the body. In this case, large slow movements of the eyeballs are in the direction opposite to the direction of rotation.

Nystagmus is an improvisation for tenor saxophone and laptop.

Alex Christie and Drew Ceccato met at Mills College in 2009. Using saxophones and electronics, they strive to make music that remains in constant motion, maintains unexpected yet fluid trajectory, and shapes time and space.

Drew Ceccato grew up in Ann Arbor, MI where he started woodwind studies at age 10. He later attended Interlochen Arts Academy and New England Conservatory of Music for saxophone performance (B.M. '07) Mills College for improvisation (M.F.A '11) and is currently enrolled at University of California, San Diego (PhD '15). Today Drew lives in San Diego, CA and is working on multiple projects across many different genres.

Alex Christie is a San Francisco Bay Area composer, performer, and improviser of acoustic and electronic music. His work is the hybridization of hyper-intellectualized contemporary music theory and an obsession with explosive sound and bright, flashing lights. Alex holds a BM from the Oberlin Conservatory in Composition and TIMARA (Technology In Music And Related Arts) and an MFA from Mills College in Electronic Music and Recording Media. At Mills, Alex studied with Roscoe Mitchell, James Fei, and John Bischoff. He performs as a laptopist and saxophonist within several veins of music and enjoys collaborating with choreographers and visual artists.

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