artist: Natacha Diels

Ether (2005) is a piccolo and tape piece exploiting the anti-self of the instrument. This is manifested through an augmentation of the inaudible and a negation of the archetypal, and physically by internally amplifying the piccolo. The tape part reflects this practice by using exclusively cymbal samples recorded at close proximity.

Natacha is a nomadic individual, finding solace and home in whatever physical environment she finds herself. Born in LA (CA) (1981) and raised in Texas and New Mexico, she now lives in upper Manhattan, and has lived in New York longer than anywhere else in her life. Embarking regularly on adventures of all sorts, Natacha prefers those involving strange sounds and interesting people. She composes music, performs as often as possible, teaches electronic and computer music to children and adults, and works closely with other composers to ensure that they continue to write exquisitely demanding music for her. She has commissioned and premiered dozens of works and performed at spectacular venues all over the United States and Europe. Natacha is especially fond of electroacoustic chamber music, and fulfills this love through Ensemble Pamplemousse. Pamplemousse is a group of uniquely talented, lovable, and creative musicians, whose primary goals are to shatter artistic borders and produce great music. Natacha also performs with On Structure, a sound-centric performance art duo with Jessie Marino. Currently, her compositional interests focus on the static merging of glitch and beauty using small-scale looping structures. She makes money by doing integration work (wiring audio/video studios), but plans to one day subsist (and support her artistic ventures) from the profits of her ice cream/donut shop in upstate New York. Until then, she will attempt to achieve a DMA in composition at Columbia University.

you can download the track by clicking here

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