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Ensemble Pamplemousse

Piano / Composer: David Broome
Flute / Composer: Natacha Diels
Cello / Composer: Jessie Marino
Composer: Rama Gottfried
Composer: Andrew Greenwald
Percussion: Russell Greenberg
Vocals: Maria Stankova
Violin: Kiku Enomoto

On Structure II - Andrew Greenwald
Nest - Rama Gottfried
Symbiosis II - Natacha Diels
Pulse Compression - Natacha Diels
Effective Temperature: from the Herzsprung-Russell Suite - David Broome
Sofrut - Andrew Greenwald
Gnomon - Jessie Marino

RAANNA JEDAKU is a collection of 7 works by the members of Pamplemousse, written between 2009 and 2011.

The works on disc 1 embody 'Symbiosis' - they are an exploration of codependent relationships in sound or music. The compositions describe different processes, each internally reliant for success. These relationships range from those between audience and performer, to the expected (and sometimes broken) sonification of visual cues, to the unveiling of hidden tones emerging from super- and sub-audio frequencies.

Disc 2 describes 'Absurd Limitations.' These 4 works of exploitative self-limitation effectuated through the conflux of adventure and confusion are the emergent product of reducing, restricting, narrowing, squelching, slicing, and otherwise removing all unnecessary fodder. In extremes what remains is a curious series of decomplexities which the audience is driven to anatomize into a consolified structure. Space is at a premium; noise is molecular; silence is hypothetical but desired.

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On Structure II


Symbiosis II

Pulse Compression

Effective Temperature: from the Herzsprung-Russell Suite