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the Gate

Tuba: Dan Peck
Bass: Tom Blancarte
Drums: Brian Osborne
Destruction of Darkness

Aeons of Decay
Frozen Gods
Buried Blasphemy

"...hypnotically suspended session at the exact mid-­point between jazz and doom" -­ The Wire, review of debut LP Acid Soil

“The absolution of pure evil manifests itself in the resurrection of the undead. Womb breeds life and earth breeds death. The Gate has been opened. “

The Gate is a doom jazz trio consisting of Dan Peck (tuba, composition), Tom Blancarte (upright bass), and Brian Osborne (percussion). Formed in 2008, the band has developed an aesthetic that is unique and uncompromising. Dividing time between improvisation and Dan’s compositions, the music ranges from bleak landscapes of near-­?silence to massive, horrifying sound sculptures. The Gate seeks to break down and confuse the conventional roles of a horn-­bass-­drums ensemble, revealing the most raw and elemental aspects of organized sound.

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Aeons of Decay

Frozen Gods

Buried Blasphemy