1. Site V
    Maguire/La Berge

  2. arb
    Zachary Good and Ben Roidl-Ward

  3. voice fragments
    Stephanie Aston and Davið Brynjar Franzson

  4. Lock Me Up, Lock Me Down
    Frith, Tewari, Ergün

  5. Winter Chapel
    Dana Jessen

  6. bruit
    Ted Moore

  7. Rainbow Family
    George Lewis

  8. Maintenance Hums
    Ian Power

  9. The Cat Of Sadness
    Blake / Irabagon / Laubrock

  10. Sinfónía
    Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson


  12. Triptych (tautological)
    Kyle Bruckmann

  13. Glossolalia/Lines on Black
    Wet Ink Ensemble

  14. The Kressel Studies
    Mick Sussman

  15. OutsideIn
    Alex Hills

  16. Reality Rounds
    Alex Dowling

  17. Platonic Solids
    mattie barbier

    exclusiveOr/AWOL/International Contemporary Ensemble

  19. iterative systems
    Binary Canary

  20. Two Live Sets
    Peter Evans and Sam Pluta

  21. Between Systems and Grounds
    Paula Matthusen and Olivia Valentine

  22. The Best of Your Lies
    Owen Lake and the Tragic Loves

  23. Concerning the Nature of Things
    Jeff Snyder

  24. Wet Ink: 20
    Wet Ink Ensemble

  25. Influence of buildings on musical tone
    Thrainn Hjalmarsson

  26. Duo
    Jeff Snyder and Federico Ughi

  27. Sunspots
    Jeff Snyder

  28. being-time
    Eric Wubbels (w/ Mivos Quartet / Bryan Jacobs)

  29. Broken Symmetries
    Sam Pluta

  30. Duos With Piano
    Eric Wubbels

  31. Dis Un Il Im Ir
    Bryan Jacobs

  32. High Society

  33. lift-tilt-filter-split

  34. Give My Regards to 116th Street
    Kobe Van Cauwenberghe

  35. Event Horizon
    Sam Pluta

  36. the Surveyors
    Architeuthis Walks on Land

  37. Nana
    Cenk Ergün

  38. Voices from the Killing Jar
    Kate Soper & Wet Ink Ensemble

  39. Without Words
    Aaron Einbond & Ensemble Dal Niente

  40. Archaea

  41. the Music of Making Strange
    Alex Hills

  42. Relay
    Wet Ink Ensemble

  43. Machine Language
    Sam Pluta

  44. Destruction of Darkness
    The Gate

  45. Nominal/Noumenal
    Alexander Sigman

    Ensemble Pamplemousse

  47. a Guide for the Dead through the Underworld
    Davíð Brynjar Franzson & Ensemble Adapter

  48. sum and difference

  49. Horpma
    Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson

  50. Tone Builders

  51. Natura Naturans
    Architeuthis Walks On Land

  52. Music=quals
    Matthew Hough & In Hyun Kim

  53. Drone Level Orange
    Glissando Bin Laden

  54. New Works for Small Ensemble
    Wet Ink Ensemble


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