1. Sam Pluta
    Chicago, Illinois
  2. Jeff Snyder
    Princeton, New Jersey
  3. Cenk Ergün
    Queens, New York
  4. Paula Matthusen and Olivia Valentine
    Middletown, Connecticut
  5. Philip White
    New York, New York
  6. Kobe Van Cauwenberghe
    Brussels, Belgium
  7. Thrainn Hjalmarsson
  8. Owen Lake and the Tragic Loves
    Princeton, New Jersey
  9. Wet Ink Ensemble
    New York, New York
  10. Blake / Irabagon / Laubrock
    New York, New York
  11. Binary Canary
    Chicago, Illinois
  12. mattie barbier
    Los Angeles, California
  13. Alex Dowling
    Dublin, Ireland
  14. Alex Hills
    London, UK
  15. Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson
    Reykjavík, Iceland
  16. Mick Sussman
    Brooklyn, New York
  17. Kyle Bruckmann
    Oakland, California
  19. Ian Power
    Baltimore, Maryland
  20. Ted Moore
    Chicago, Illinois
  21. Frith, Tewari, Ergün
  22. Dana Jessen
    Oberlin, Ohio
  23. Ben Roidl-Ward
    Chicago, Illinois
  24. Zachary Good and Ben Roidl-Ward
    Chicago, Illinois
  25. Maguire/La Berge
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  26. Laura Cocks
    New York, New York
  27. The Vex Collection
    New York, New York
  28. Qubit
    Brooklyn, New York
  29. Halla Steinunn Stefánsdóttir
  30. Jascha Narveson
    Brooklyn, New York
  31. Josh Modney
    New York, New York


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Carrier is dedicated to bringing the best, most unique, and most adventurous music from the New York City region, the US, and abroad, and to release a wide range of styles and sound worlds, while maintaining the highest quality releases possible.

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